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Robert Y Ruined Louvre Museum - Taiwan's largest space escape room

Have you ever played an escape room? The largest space escape room in Taiwan is here!


Exclusive 1800 square meters of secret room space, hidden secrets everywhere

The dark night is coming, and the puzzle and exciting game break through the game to tease the voyeur

The secret of Tyrannosaurus, God's gift, pure and clean killing... Well-designed levels

Waiting for unblocking


Itinerary Features:

1. Taiwan's largest night puzzle game.
2. I have seen Night Fright in the Museum, but I have never experienced it myself. Let us go back to a million years ago and experience it for ourselves.
3. The only private collection in the world, the completeness of fossils ranks second in the world, so you don't have to take a plane to see it abroad!
4. There is an even more amazing collection than this Tyrannosaurus fossil! All of them are inside!!! Waiting for you to explore


Itinerary Description:

Check-in time 17:40
Introduction of the museum owner and introduction to the game
Going into the Museum at Night
The first level - looking for a secret lover
Level 2 - The Secret of the Tyrannosaurus
Level 3 - God's Gift
The fourth level - forward time tunnel
The fifth level-super dream secret room decryption
Level 6 - Devil's Studio
The seventh level - the origin of life Sperm battle
The eighth level - the shipwreck wood cafe to replenish blood
The ninth level - the killing of pure and clean
The tenth level - the key to the treasure chest
(The time for the non-parent-child group to decrypt the level will be timed, and the timer that originally entered the game will be placed in the last treasure box. Finally, the treasure box will be opened to end the timing. After that, there will be the highest record (the shortest time team) to win the prize.

19:30-20:00 Exchange time with curator Robert Y
20:00 See you again and look forward to the next exploration

Fee for a group of 8 people, special price $6999

1. Insurance
2. Experience fee
3. Meals (included in the level design)
4. VR virtual reality (included in level design)
5.DIY Tyrannosaurus baby painting (included in the level design)
6. Treasure box gifts worth more than 1,000 yuan (included in the level design)


No. 30, Xincheng 1st Road, Suao Town, Yilan County
★Number of people in the trip: 8-10 people make a trip by appointment
★Group type: warm parent-child group (including children under 12 years old) / enthusiastic youth group / seasoned adult group
★Departure point: Rober Y Ruins Dinosaur Museum
★Opening time: Every Saturday night 17:40-20:00 (can be adjusted according to the flexibility of the group)
★Reservation/Consulting Service Line: (03)990-9313

Summary of Buying Instructions:

1. "National Treasure Night in Ruins Museum" is a group game to find treasures through level puzzle solving
2. During the game, it is forbidden to carry dangerous objects, such as sharp objects
3. During the game, it is forbidden to take pictures, photography, and audio recordings, and you do not need to bring personal electronic products. Please keep everything in the secret room secret.
4. Please be gentle with all hardware facilities in the secret room
5. There are no touching and warning signs in the game space, please follow the instructions, do not touch, use, and do not perform prohibited actions
6. Those with heart disease, claustrophobia, or pregnant women, please inform in advance when making an appointment, and consider whether it is suitable to participate in the game
The scenes and props of the game are carefully handcrafted by our internal staff, hoping to give players the highest quality enjoyment, please cherish our hard work~ If you find that the props are naturally damaged or defective at the first time, please inform the staff as soon as possible
In case of malicious damage, or serious damage caused by improper operation, and deliberately concealed, appropriate claims will be made afterwards.


Robert Y Crazy Dream Art Park (with a large free parking lot), or take the local train to Xinma Station and then walk out of the station for about 5 minutes.
1. This event does not include a formal dinner, remember to eat a little first!! There are snacks prepared for the content of the level.
2. Please remember to explore this mysterious museum night with an archaeological curiosity.
3. In addition, for those who participated in this time with children, some of the exhibitions in the museum are restricted-level works, so the content of the clearance will be adjusted according to the age of the children, and the content of the clearance activities will be subject to the on-site announcement of the museum.