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[ Latest Event News ]




發佈日期: 2022.06.01




Eight incredible things:

The only private museum in the world that collects Cretaceous Tyrannosaurus fossils!
Among only 8 tyrannosaur fossils unearthed in the world, the completeness of 85% ranks second in the world!
The only exhibition hall on earth that can distinguish real and fake Tyrannosaurus rex on the spot. The evolutionary evidence of Tyrannosaurus flying into the sky and becoming a bird, "sternal wish bone", is in this exhibition hall!
Subvert the traditional art of new ideas and create a new gene museum for the future of mankind
70% of the works in the whole museum were created by Robert Y and Kong Leiming and completed by ten-person studios in ten years. Each piece is wonderful and unique!
Qiu Qijing, the master of gem and jade art who subverted the entire Chinese art history, was funded and cultivated by ROBERT Y and is currently the highest price in the auction, and his reborn works have a panoramic view.
Incredible! Hundred times stronger than Tyrannosaurus, the fantastic and mysterious works of God, Please don't believe, are even more magical than pyramids!
Challenge taboo topics, the perfect fusion of sex and art, the purest art!

Five punch card highlights:

The giant landmark arch explores the secrets of the soul
The beautiful natural amethyst wall, the No.1 photo in the net beauty!
Stereoscopic 3D picture, Tyrannosaurus broke through the wall!
Interactive video TV, take fantastic special effects photos that the Internet is crazy to like!
High-tech VR virtual reality, Tyrannosaurus roars and fights in front of you

Two kindness:

Take a photo with the ROBERT Y Tyrannosaurus 68 million years ago through time and space, and a dedicated person will take photos for free and provide intimate service.
The whole area is intimately equipped with wooden boat seats, and all exhibition halls can sit and relax, savoring art and life.


  • 巨型地標拱門探索靈魂的秘密
  • 絕美天然紫水晶牆,網美拍照No.1!
  • 立體3D圖畫,暴龍破牆而出!
  • 互動影像電視,拍出網路瘋狂按讚的奇幻特效照!
  • 高科技VR虛擬實境,暴龍躍然眼前狂吼戰鬥


  • 與6800萬年前的ROBERT Y暴龍穿越時空合影,專人免費拍照貼心服務。
  • 全區貼心配置船木座椅,所有展廳都能靜坐休憩,細細品味藝術與人生。