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Robert Y Ruins of Louvre - the world's only private collection of tyrannosaur fossils unearthed

Located in Suao, Yilan, it is a world-class art collection + fossil museum comparable to the Louvre in France. The curator has broken through artistic creation, and the collection of treasures is all-encompassing. It also combines rich knowledge such as philosophy, aesthetics, design, and paleontological archaeology. Among them, the most topical The exhibition area displays the 68 million-year-old tyrannosaurus fossil that is up to 11.2 meters long and is the only private collection in the world! It's like traveling through time and space, as the huge and visually stunning Tyrannosaurus Rex is right in front of you!

The furnishings in the museum are made of 40 ancient sunken shipwrecks. The three-story large space totals 1,800 square meters, and 12 special themed exhibition areas are planned. In addition, there are unimaginable mysterious works of God that are 100 times better than the Tyrannosaurus Rex. ! Beautiful original artistic scenery, natural jade carvings, and other rich artistic creations are must-sees in this lifetime. The carefully planned horror night of the museum - Escape Room every six days and nights is an exclusive itinerary not to be missed!
A unique new attraction in Yilan, trying to mutate the new genes of self-dream for the next generation of mankind. 70% are original works by Robert Y Clitfford Kon and 30% are collected by Robert Y. The Crazy Dream Art Park will definitely make you crazy and worthwhile. 

Tyrannosaurus Room

One of the eight complete unearthed Tyrannosaurus fossils in the world, it is also the only one of the eight that is in private collection. The completeness is as high as 85%, the second highest in the world.

If you missed it in Taiwan, you can only see the real unearthed Tyrannosaurus rex by going to Europe or the United States and spending several times the ticket price.

The curator's secret room is 100 times better than the Tyrannosaurus Rex? Please don't believe it !

Since the beginning of the earth's history, whether there is life or not, it is 100 times better and more magical than the unimaginable tyrannosaurus. So it's possible that the most unimaginable thing on earth is in the ruins, right here, in the Curator's Chamber.

Scavenger Hunt – Tyrannosaurus’ Secret Treasure

【Explore the Jurassic Wonderland of Yilan! Travel through time and space to embark on Robert Y’s mysterious treasure hunt! 】
★The only combination of art collection + fossil museum + mysterious map treasure hunt game in Taiwan
★The story begins ~ Search for [Robert's Heart], get the method to suppress the Tyrannosaurus and break the magic, as if traveling through time and space to the Cretaceous Tyrannosaurus era
★Real people and real scenes bring unprecedented visual shock
★Characters and characters in the game: gem merchant, magic fairy, tyrannosaurus and treasure
Treasure Adventure & Tyrannosaurus Hunting Package: 12 themed exhibition areas + the world's first Tyrannosaurus VR virtual reality + curator's secret room + treasure adventure activities, a series of rich first prizes, two, four, and five prizes with a chance to win all bring home
★No need to make a reservation, come to the Ruined Tyrannosaurus Pavilion and start the adventure challenge directly

Click here for details on the scavenger hunt game

Photo tour with dedicated guide

In addition to the guided tour of the fossils collected in the Tyrannosaurus Hall, there are also dedicated staff to take photos for you (it is forbidden to take photos alone in the Tyrannosaurus Hall).

Unearthed Tyrannosaurus Fossils In order to prevent damage to the fossils caused by overexposure and maintain the quality of the images and publicity of authentic fossils, museums around the world that have collections of authentic Tyrannosaurus rex fossils prohibit photography, let alone group photos.

There is always a need to take commemorative photos to share with family and friends, and only in Taiwan can you take photos with Robert Y. Tyrannosaurus in our museum.

And this is definitely the only place in the world where you can take a photo with a real unearthed Tyrannosaurus.

Tyrannosaurus VR virtual reality

In the Tyrannosaurus Hall, there is also an additional 360-degree VR experience of Tyrannosaurus.

It makes you feel like you are in Jurassic Park.

There are two movies in total: 1. Roller Coaster Adventure 2. Jurassic World.

A total of 15 minutes will give you a perfect visual experience

Painting/Archaeology DIY Experience Choose One

1. Little Painter-Painted Baby Tyrannosaurus Money Box

Waterproof acrylic paint is provided, so you can paint the little Tyrannosaurus money box into a cute and interesting look. Children can unleash their creativity to their heart’s content. Adult customers generally comment on participating in painting: “It’s very healing and stress-relieving.”

2. Little Archaeologist-Archaeological Tyrannosaurus Model

Using a hammer, chisel, and brush to actually experience the archaeological process can train children's hand-eye coordination and stimulate the whole body sensory experience. The fossil models excavated at the same time can be assembled interactively with parents on site, increasing parent-child interaction and gaining a great sense of accomplishment.

Body Painting-Specialist Painting Cute Dinosaur Patterns

Sessions: 11:00, 13:00, 15:00 (no reservation required, choose session on site)

Specialist paints cute dinosaur shapes,
The painting time is about 10 minutes.
Can be painted on face, neck, arms.

Children's activities-suitable for children aged 0-6 years old

Sessions: 10:45, 13:45 (maximum 4 people per session, reservations available)

A dedicated person will lead the entire process, and the activity lasts about 30-40 minutes.
1. Opening with singing and dancing
2. Listen to stories or play with toys and balloons
3.DIY rubbing graffiti
4.Robert Y Tyrannosaurus Polaroid
5. Enjoy snacks
6. Palm rubbing certificate
★299 yuan for children under 3 years old
★399 yuan for 3-6 years old (including 100 yuan ticket for 3-6 years old)
Click here for detailed information on activities for young children

Robert Y Night Charter Escape Room

Robert Y Ruins of the Louvre - the largest space escape room in Taiwan

Have you ever played an escape room? The largest escape room in Taiwan is here!

Exclusive 1,800 square meters of secret room space, hidden mysteries everywhere

The dark night is coming, and the puzzle and stimulating level-breaking game teases the voyeuristic nerves

The secret of Tyrannosaurus, the gift from God, the pure killing... well-designed levels

Waiting for unblocking one by one

★Escape room location: Robert Y Ruined Dinosaur Museum (No. 30, Xincheng 1st Road, Suao Town, Yilan County)

★Opening hours: 17:40-20:00 every Saturday and Sunday (can be flexibly adjusted to suit group groups, please call for reservations during other times)

★Reservation/consultation service hotline: (03)990-9313

★After registration, a dedicated person will contact you about follow-up escape room matters

Click here for detailed information on escape rooms

Funaki Art Cafe

Robert Y combined his thoughts with ship wood, and the rotten wood on the sea floor has a new appearance and a new soul. The art of Titanic ship wood is born!! It is based on ancient ship wood that has sunk in the strait for hundreds of years. It has been tempered by sea water, sunshine and years. Presenting unique texture and color. Robert Y deliberately retains the original appearance of shipwood, and works with artist Kong Leiming to create shipwood furniture with great artistic beauty. Now we also offer a variety of light snacks and staple meals, so you can have fun and not be hungry. Our artistic cuisine uses fresh local ingredients, and the chef carefully prepares exclusive sauces. Delicious food you may not have tasted outside is hidden here. We combined it with a coffee shop to create a unique and beautiful space for resting and eating.

Click here for details on the cafe menu

Gift Department

Robert Y Gem Crystal Dinosaur Gift Department. There are museum-designed Tyrannosaurus series costumes, various crystal gem jewelry, time-traveling Tyrannosaurus cups, as well as various development gifts and DIY products for you to choose from.

 Robert Y Museum Video (English)

Why would there be no Qiu Qijing without Robert Y

This is not what I said, Master Qiu said it himself. There was also a witness at that time, his beautiful newlywed wife, after the wedding that night, beside the small bridge and flowing water, in the small garden of Fuzhou, his wife was flipping through her husband's works Picture, where is this one? In Taiwan, Qi Jing replied, what about that? Why are they all in Taiwan?, I really want to go to Taiwan right away. Why? I asked. Steal them all back.

For more than ten years, I have entertained hundreds of my employees to travel abroad every year, including relatives, and I will pay half of the relatives. Every year on the eve of departure there is a ghost call, Rob! I can't go tomorrow, Qi Jing is at my side, why is there always the same story every year? Because he started the creation for two or three months without sleep and could not stop.

There is an artist in the mainland who is famous and still sleepless, Zao Wou-ki, they are rare desperate three wolves, most of the others are lazy, Qi Jing is really talented, if you want to see his early works, come to the ruins of Robert Y.

Robert Y 2023 3 15

Qiu Qijing cut love from old works